• As a parent, it is always difficult to leave your child in someone else’s care. Minnieland at Salem Fields has always made me feel comfortable leaving my child.” ¬†– Jennifer S.
  • “At the beginning of the school year, I took a scared, very attached to Grammy and Mommy 4 year old who cried all the time. Today, he drags me out of the house EVERYDAY…he says, “I LOVE SCHOOL!” This is the foundation for his next step. Thank you Minnieland Salem Fields.” – Channin B.
  • “I have recommended this facility to two other parents, and both have enrolled.” – Michelle P.
  • “Thanks for being so great! K. is learning and growing so much!” – Emily H.
  • “Thank you so much for such a wonderful school year and making our first school experience a most joyous and memorable one! We shall never¬†forget all the kindness.” – Christian H.
  • “Thank you for helping provide a stable, nurturing environment for children and peace of mind for parents. We believe the makeup, facility, and leadership at Minnieland Salem Fields is exceptional.” – Luke Y.
  • “Thanks for all you do everyday to care for and teach our boys. It is great to know they love you all like family when our real family is so far away!” – E. Jurgilanis
  • “Thank you all, each and every one of you for making M. and H. feel very much at home.” – Stephanie M.
  • “The teachers are special and they all go out of their way to make my daughter feel special each day. I would highly recommend this school to anyone for their passion for the children, reliability and quality.” – Melissa P.
  • “When I drop off J. each morning, he is always welcomed with a smile, hug, and open arms. As a working mom, it has been a challenge for me to balance work and family and I often feel guilty about leaving J. for others to take care of him. Knowing that the teachers are there, makes my day go by a little smoother.” – Gary S.
  • “We appreciate the care and attentiveness you have given all the children and the professionalism with which you have done it. You are all to be commended.” – Mark J.
  • “Creative, uplifting, and genuine are the words I use to describe the teachers and their style of care. Superbly meeting the needs of every child. I actually look forward to the adorable songs and laughs coming from the room and the children’s smiles when I arrive for pick up.”- Kimberly B.
  • “I want to mention this while I am thinking of it and mean to do this quite often but we all get so busy. I try thank teachers as often as I can. I want to commend your center and each employee for the excellent work they do with all of the children. I can rest assured that my grandkids are in a safe, loving, learning place each and every day. It means the world to me. You should be proud of the employees, they are super. I try to thank them for all they do but here is an extra thank you!” –Connie F.

Fredericksburg Child Care Testimonials