What To Do When Your Babysitter Cancels on You

27th Jan 2017

You made your plans, got all ready to go, got your things together for your meeting/appointment in an hour… Then, the phone rings and your babysitter is calling in sick.  Well, now what to do?

It is a huge disappointment to most parents whenever their babysitter cancels on them. They are usually met with two options; cancel what they were getting the babysitter for, or fling into a frenzied panic to find a replacement!

Babysitters cancelling on you will happen more than we like to admit and it helps to always be prepared for this. There will, on occasion, be unavoidable circumstances that your sitter has to prioritize, hence you end up with no one to take care of your children.

So, what to do you need to do when your babysitter cancels on you?

  • Have a backup plan. Always anticipate situations like this and have a backup plan. Plan ahead so whenever such instances arise, you can take your backup plan out and implement it! Who do you call next when your babysitter cancels? What do you need to do? Perhaps even have a family member that you can ask to be on “stand by” in the event of a cancellation.
  • Widen your backup options. Check online for options of childcare services. Care.com is one such resource, but you can ask for referrals from your friends and inquire which childcare service is ideal for your children. Call for bookings vs trying to email, so they are able to confirm verbally that they can watch over your child/children.
  • Know your babysitter payment policy. Have a policy agreed by you and your sitter when it comes to leaving and cancellation. Know what is agreed upon ahead of time. That way, it will clear up things between you two if they cancel, or you no longer need their service.
  • Prepare your kids for plan B. Apart from informing them that plans have changed, prepare your children for the new nanny or that they will be visiting a childcare service with other kids. This will help ease them into the situation when the time comes for you to leave for your appointment.
  • Make a decision for yourself. If you feel like there is no one to take care of your children, you need to make the decision yourself. If you just don’t feel right about the alternatives, it may be best for you to just stay at home and reschedule your plans.

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