Practical Tips on How To Encourage Recycling at Home

2nd Feb 2017

Practical Tips on How To Encourage Recycling at HomeWe’ve all heard of the 3Rs when it comes to waste management; reduce, reuse, recycle. First, we need to reduce our waste. Second, we need to reuse whatever we can use again. Third, we need to recycle things that we cannot reuse.

Though the first 2 of the 3Rs may sound simple, the recycling part has left a lot of people hanging. How do we recycle? Where do we start? What can we do? These are the common questions people ask when it comes to recycling.

Many homes these days fail to follow through on the concept of recycling due to limited ideas on how to recycle. But, here are a few simple, easy ways to start recycling at home today – without creating a big orchestration around it.

To help you recycle at home, here are a few practical tips:

  • Recycling starts with you. If you want your family to recycle, you can encourage them if you start the project yourself. When they see your progress and outputs, it will give them more motivation to try.
  • Create a separate can for recyclables. This is different from your garbage can, as this will ONLY be for recyclable items. Adding a can of a different color will remind you of its purpose. Set it next to your usual trash can and stop and think for a moment before disposing of the item in your hand. What starts as a conscious effort will soon become second nature when you go to throw something away.
  • Think of recycling materials first before buying new materials. Does your kid have a school project? Rather than going to the store and buying new materials, ask yourself if you can make use of any material at home. If you think of reducing and reusing first, you will be able to make use of what is at home and only go shopping for what you truly lack.
  • Have a goal. Why do you want to recycle? For some people, they are more concerned with the effects of throwing materials away in the environment, hence they recycle. There are some who simply want to declutter at home and have a guilty conscious about simply throwing their belongings away. Others simply want to recycle to save money or to earn money by selling their creations. Identify your goal and keep it in mind – it will help to make recycling a part of your daily life, much easier.

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