Important Questions to Ask When Visiting A New Child Care Center

23rd Feb 2017

Parents always want the best for their children. That means, the right kind of food, good clothes, the most fun and educational toys, and the perfect childcare center. Leaving your kids in the care of others can create a very torn-between moment for parents who want to be with their children, but also needs to go to work and take their kids to school. That is why parents need to look for the right childcare center for assurance and security when making this important decision.

When you are visiting prospective childcare centers, there is information that you need to obtain to help you evaluate and decide which one is the best option for you and your child. Here below are examples of questions you need to ask in order to obtain the information you need for making your decision:

  • How many children are assigned to each caregiver?
  • What are the ranges of children belonging to each group? Are there groups where children will be divided for a specific plan or activity?
  • Do you discipline children? How do you implement discipline?
  • Do you have a license? Do your caregivers have licenses or certification?
  • What are your daily activities for the kids? Are there specific activities for specific groups of children?
  • What are your polices for absence and tardiness?
  • How do you deal with sick children? Does your center have a clinic or a licensed nurse/doctor to facilitate medical emergencies?
  • What are your fees? What are included in your fees? Will we need to pay monthly? If my child is sick for a few days, will it affect my payment?
  • How do your communicate with parents? Do you offer feedback to parents? How often do you communicate with parents?
  • How do you deal with bullying? Will my child be safe against potential bullying?
  • Are there opportunities for outdoor play? How about nature studies or field trips?
  • What are your policies for visiting parents or friends? Are visitors allowed to go inside the classroom?
  • What are your policies in fetching the children? Can anyone fetch the kids? Do they need to have an ID or pass?
  • What happens if we are late in picking up our children? What if we decide to pick them up early?
  • What kind of food do you serve the children? Do you also feed them if necessary? How do you deal with picky eaters?
  • How do you deal with potty training?

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