How to Break your Child from Gadget Dependence

9th Feb 2017

It can be a challenge for this generation’s new parents to raise children without technological interference and dependence. It seems like wherever you go, you encounter kids glued to their gadgets playing games or watching videos. Though it may seem harmless, there are unpleasant consequences that gadget addiction can bring to our children.

When our kids are becoming too dependent on electronic devices, their imagination becomes limited and thereby limits their creative skills. They become lax and tend to focus more on entertaining themselves easily by watching on their devices. As a result they are prone to inactivity and are less and less physically active.

While it is an easy fix to sit your child down with a video to have a little “me time”, children need to play and be creative as part of the development of their mind and bodies. By limiting our children from too much exposure to gadgets, we are helping them to make the most of their childhood.

So, how do you break your child free form gadget dependence?

  • Set limitations on time use. Instead of allowing them to use their devices all day long, set a time limit to an hour or so. This will be a gradual transition and your children will start to view “tech time” as a treat.
  • Provide tools for other activities. Buy more board games for them to play. These will serve as alternative methods of play instead of being glued to their devices. Give them a workspace equipped with the things they need. Ask them what they would love to do and set up a place for them. If they like to draw, set up a table complete with art tools.
  • Be more involved. We are all busy people these days, but spending some time with your children will go a long way. It will show that you support and care for them. Find time to do an activity together without involvement of any devices.
  • Tell them stories of your childhood. We all grew up running in the lawn sprinkler, playing basketball, recreating a fairytale or swimming in the lake. Tell these stories to your kids with as much enthusiasm as possible so they will feel that there are other ways to enjoy their fun time, other than by just playing with tech.
  • Be a good example. There are times when we also get addicted to electronic devices and checking our phone or email can almost be a habit. As the old adage goes, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”, so lead by example.

Create a schedule for them. Sit down with your children and ask them what they want to do. Fill their schedule with fun things to do that limits their use of electronic devices. Set up play-dates at parks with other kids, or just in your own backyard.

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